Buddhism and Copying talk at Center of Gravity, Toronto

I’ll be giving a talk about Buddhism and copying this coming Thursday, March 17th at the downtown Toronto yoga/meditation space Center of Gravity, run by author and teacher Michael Stone.  The talk starts with a half hour of no-talk at 6:30 pm, after which I’ll explore some of the ways in which Buddhist philosophy and practice can illuminate contemporary issues around copying and vice versa.   Center of Gravity is at 123 Bellwoods.

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2 Responses to Buddhism and Copying talk at Center of Gravity, Toronto

  1. Hello. My name is Jorge Alberto Perez and I am in the ICP/Bard MFA program in photography. Next week I am leading a discussion on copying, appropriation and authenticity in photography in one of critique classes. I am just getting into your book, In Praise of Copying, and am very excited to tie it in with recent technological advances that generate more varieties of images that further complicate the notion of “property” in image-based arts . If you have any specific opinions on photography I would be very happy to open a discussion that I might also, with your permission naturally, post on our blog. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Cheers.

  2. marcus3001 says:

    Hi Jorge: sure … tell me a little more about what you’re working on! The whole idea of “image as property” is a very complicated one, as I’m sure you already know …

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